Marine Duty Controls For Fish Factory Processing Equipment

Meridians control provides the features of a start/stop valve and speed regulator in a single intergrated control.

  • Constructed from fully corrosion resistant materials.
  • Fully sealed against the ingress of water.
  • Single station and modular multi-station versions up to 10 units.
  • Hand lever operated single and bi-directional versions.
  • Also ofer remote solenoid controled versions.


  • Hydraulic controls for Uni-directional conveyors and heading machines.

Meridian’s modular controls can be used for the control of factory deck conveyors and heading machines. They enable the conveyor or heading machine to be started and stopped as well as its speed to be accurately regulated, irrespective of load. The control is available as a single station that can be located remotely or right at the service that it controls. The controls are also available as a modular multistation where up to 10 different controls can be intergrated in to a single station. such modular Stations save a considerable amount of cost stainless steel pipe work and fittings as only one common pressure supply is needed for up to 10 controls.

  • Hydraulic controls for Bi-directional conveyors and cylinder services.

Meridian Systems Controls are available with an intergrated directional control feature. this facility allows them to control services such as conveyors that must be able to run in both directions. It also extends their application to the control of services that are powered by hydraulic cylinders such as fish hatches and “knock out” solenoid operation for remote control.


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