Minimal weight. Minimal windage. Maximum reliability.

For superior performance choose Meridian Systems.

• Standard Cylinders are a single acting design
with gas return.
• Female clevises on the cylinder barrel and rod
are the standard supply.
• Available in 6082 T6 aluminium or 316 stainless
• Aluminium cylinders are hard coated a dark
bronze colour.
• Stainless steel cylinder are buffed to a highly
polished finish.
• The piston rods are high strength duplex
stainless steel.
• A special rod sealing arrangement protects the
rod seal from dirt.
• A special barrel sealing arrangement features
duel seals at each joint.
• Custom design include mechanical lock,
double acting and duel piston rod.
•Maximum working pressure 350 bar ( 5076 PSI)

• Hydraulic cylinders are compact and can
easily generate very high forces.
• Can easily be remote controlled by
means of a suitably equipped hydraulic
• Can be provided with multi-speed power
ON and EASING via Meridians dedicated
cylinder control system.
• Rugged construction ensures very low