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Deck Winch For Long Line – DW310/7/100WH

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Deck Winch For Long Line – DW310/7/100WH

Manufacturer: Meridian Systems

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For Hake or bottom long lining operations, the standard deck winch is model
DW310/7/100WH. This model has a Danfoss planetary reduction drive which ensures
the smoothest possible hauling as well as the longest possible service life. This winch
has an outstanding track record of reliability.

The winch has the following features:
• Large Ø warping head ensures excellent grip as well as low gear wear.
• Hot dip galvanized winch frame.
• DANFOSS RR310 planetary reduction drive. These high-quality drive units
give years of trouble-free service under normal operating conditions.
• Modular short-motor design – The DANFOSS motor plugs directly into the
gearbox without any additional couplings. This ensures that when the drive
motor has to be replaced, the cost of replacement is minimized.
• DANFOSS proportional winch control valve. This special valve is pressure
compensated ensuring excellent speed control, which is largely independent
of load. This characteristic is so important for co-ordinating the recovery of
the gear in a “twin line” long line operation.

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