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BLH Line Hauler BLH510S/3.4/160/580PMHS

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BLH Line Hauler BLH510S/3.4/160/580PMHS

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Manufacturer: Meridian Systems

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The BLH510S is our top model of line hauler and the choice of many professional
fishermen. This model has a Danfoss planetary reduction drive which ensures the
smoothest possible hauling as well as the longest possible service life. It incorporates
the latest MLE V2 line extraction system, a warping head to help recover badly
tangled gear as well as the new snood deflection system.
This bottom line hauler can be set up to handle line ranging in size from 3.5mm
Monofilament up to 10mm Polysteel. The standard line size that the sheaves are set
up for is 6mm. For handling very different line sizes, it may be necessary to shim the
sheaves and to change the line extractor. Please specify the required line size(s)
when placing the order. The additional line extractors and shims necessary for other
line sizes are optional items and are supplied at a cost additional to that of the basic
machine. Please refer to the price section below for details.
When placing the order, please send a 20m sample of the line which is to be used so
that the machine can be set up correctly.

Optional Items and Spare Parts is detailed below:

  • 3 sets Line Extractor MLE V2/T7.0 for 6mm line (std)
  • 1 set Bronze Mounting Blocks for Line Extractor
  • 1 set Shim set for Bronze Mounting Blocks
  • 1 set Brushes (6 brushes in a set)
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