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MEGALINE SLL Reel Model MMR 3.5/63

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MEGALINE SLL Reel Model MMR 3.5/63

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The MEGALINE SLL Reel Model MMR 3.5/63 is a long line reel designed specifically for the mid-water tuna and swordfish long line fishery.

Its practical yet advanced design facilitates optimum performance coupled with ease of maintenance.


  • Exceptional storage capacity
  • Long motor life due to virtually no radial load on


  • Capacity – 75nm of 2mm mono or 60nm of 3.6mm mono.
  • Direct drive by marine duty radial piston hydraulic
  • Stainless steel sheave design virtually eliminates radial loading on the
  • Robust spherical roller bearings support the main shaft of the reel at either
  • Advanced dynamic braking system provides exceptional braking performance without inducing any pressure shocks into the connecting pipe
  • integrated system also provides for automatic coordinated reel control when shooting away the line with a line


Line Capacity of Reel versus Size of Monofilament

Line Capacity (NM) ~80 ~75 ~63 ~60 ~48 Monofilament (mm): 3.0 3.2 3.5 3.6 4.0

Hydraulic requirements

Oil flow required: 55 l/min 18 gpm

Maximum working pressure: 170 bar 2500 psi


  • Overall length: 2900 mm (114 in)
  • Base width: 1250 mm (49 in)
  • Overall height: 1300 mm (51 in)
  • Shipping weight excluding line: 1350 kg (2980 lb)

Optional Equipment:

  • Steel base frame: Order Code – Base Frame SLL MMR 5/63 Comprising: – Base frame for welding directly to steel decks. Complete with stainless steel bolts & isolation pads, blasted & primed.
  • Reel Cover: Order Code – Reel Cover SLL MMR 5/63

Spares Package: Order Code – Spares Package SLL MMR 3.5/63

  • Main pedestal bearings x two
  • Level wind bearings x two
  • Level wind spare parts kit
  • Level wind belt
  • Complete line guide roller assembly
  • Complete set of cartridge valves for integrated braking system
  • Driveshaft locking element

Additional information

Weight 1350 kg
Dimensions 290 × 125 × 130 cm


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