Transit Mixer Drive Testing
Shacman Concrete Truck with Danfoss TM Transit Mixer Drive System
Closed Loop Pump and Motor Test Graph

Meridian Systems has designed and manufactured a dedicated mobile testing rig for concrete truck hydraulic transit mixer drives. The solution was created to reduce the risk of having a concrete load harden in the truck due to the drive system failure. This is achieved by allowing Meridian Systems to connect to the truck’s hydraulic system within half an hour, and pinpoint the fault very quickly in order to rectify the cause of the problem. The test rig can be used for most other hydraulic closed loop and open loop systems.

The advantages of our closed-loop testing facilities are the following:

  • Mobile so we can come to you
  • Dedicated hoses for quick coupling to the truck’s hydraulic system
  • Testing of closed-loop pump in both directions without circuit modification
  • Accurate pinpointing of hydraulic system failure cause and rectification thereof
  • Data logging of flow and pressure under current operating conditions
  • Additional power pack in case the load needs to be dumped