The Meridian MegaLine Surface Long Line Reel

The MEGALINE SLL Reel Model MMR 3.5/63 is a long line reel designed specifically for the mid-water tuna and swordfish long line fishery. Its practical yet advanced design facilitates optimum performance coupled with ease of maintenance.


  • Exceptional storage capacity
  • Long motor life due to virtually no radial load on shaft


  • Capacity – 75nm of 2mm mono or 60nm of 3.6mm mono.
  • Direct drive by marine duty radial piston hydraulic
  • Stainless steel sheave design virtually eliminates radial loading on the
  • Robust spherical roller bearings support the main shaft of the reel at either
  • Advanced dynamic braking system provides exceptional braking performance without inducing any pressure shocks into the connecting pipe
  • integrated system also provides for automatic coordinated reel control when shooting away the line with a line setter.


Line Capacity of Reel versus Size of Monofilament

Line Capacity (NM) ~80 ~75 ~63 ~60 ~48 Monofilament (mm): 3.0 3.2 3.5 3.6 4.0

Hydraulic requirements

Oil flow required: 55 l/min 18 gpm

Maximum working pressure: 170 bar 2500 psi


  • Overall length: 2900 mm 114 in
  • Base width 1250 mm 49 in
  • Overall height 1300 mm 51 in
  • Shipping weight excluding line 1350 kg 2980 lb

Optional Equipment:

  • Steel base frame: Order Code – Base Frame SLL MMR 5/63 Comprising: – Base frame for welding directly to steel decks. Complete with stainless steel bolts & isolation pads, blasted & primed.
  • Reel Cover: Order Code – Reel Cover SLL MMR 5/63
  • Spares Package: Order Code – Spares Package SLL MMR 3.5/63
  • Main pedestal bearings x two
  • Level wind bearings x two
  • Level wind spare parts kit
  • Level wind belt
  • Complete line guide roller assembly
  • Complete set of cartridge valves for integrated braking system
  • Driveshaft locking element

Surface Long Line Setter

The Line Setter Model WSLS is designed specically to assist in setting the depth of the line in a
mid-water Tuna & Swordfish long line operation. Its advanced wedging sheave design facilitates
utterly reliable hauling performance without the need for consumable rubber drive elements.


  • Direct drive by marine duty radial piston hydraulic motor. The motor’s drive shaft features a replaceable stainless steel “sleeve type” seal surface.
  • The line is gripped by the wedging action of the smooth stainless steel sheaves. This design facilitates excellent grip without any of the slipping commonly associated with rubber sheaved
    machines. It also means that no consumable rubber drive elements are required and that no black
    stripes are ever burnt onto the line.
  • The setters line speed regulation system is built into a solid manifold block that is directly flanged to
    the hydraulic motor. This integrated system provides exceptionally stable performance together
    with automatic co-ordinated control of the reel when shooting away. The system has several adjustments allowing fine-tuning of the co-ordinated reel/line setter operation.
  • The line setter’s speed of operation can be displayed on an optional digital readout. This display
    enables the speed of shooting away to be determined to within 0.1 of a knot, allowing the gear to be
    set to a predetermined depth.
  • The line setter itself is constructed from marine grade 5083 aluminium, a Lloyds approved hull
    material. The wedging sheaves are stainless steel.


Oil Flow required: 55 l/min 18 gpm

Maximum working pressure: 100 bar 1500 psi

Operating speed: 0 to 15 knots



Overall Length – 700 mm (28in)

Overall Width – 420 mm (17in)

Overall Height – 625 mm (25in)

Shiping Weight – 100 kg (220lb)

Optional Equipment:

  • Setter Cover: Order Code – Setter Cover SLL WSLS
  • Digital Speed Readout: Order Code – Setter Speed Readout SLL MLSRO

Note: Digital Speed Readout

Is comprised of the following; Digital display unit mounted within IP67 watertight enclosure. Supplied complete with 3m
connecting cable for remote mounting. Unit is driven entirely from pulsing magnetic signal and thus
requires no power supply.


The MEGALINE Hydraulic power unit Model HPU 15/55 is the most economical and preferred solution to power the reel and line setter. The hydraulic pump that is incorporated in this power unit is driven by a 15kW (20HP) electric motor. Using an electric motor to drive the pump is the preferred option as it makes the reel and setter speed completely independent of other factors such the main engine’s operating speed. This is a very important operational consideration. It also allows the system to be switched off completely when not in use. Some operators purchase a second power unit in order to have a 100% back up drive system.

Please remember that in order to operate the power unit, the existing generator capacity on the vessel must be capable of starting and running the 15kW (20HP) electric motor that drives the pump. For those vessels that do not have sufficient electrical capacity, a loose pump is available that can be driven off the main engine or an auxiliary. In such cases it is always best to supply our technical department with details of the proposed drive arrangement so that a reliable solution can be engineered.

The Hydraulic Power Unit HPU Model 15/55 is designed specifically to power the SLL Reel Model MMR 3.5/63 and the SLL Line Setter Model WSLS. The high capacity of this hydraulic power unit makes it always possible to maintain an excellent speed of line recovery. This feature is especially useful when first recovering the line when the storage reel is almost empty.

This hydraulic power unit includes the following items:

  • Hydraulic tank constructed from marine grade 5083 aluminium.
  • 15kW (20HP) electric motor driven hydraulic pump unit.
  • Electric motor starter panel, complete with motor protection gear and isolator.
  • Safety relief valve.
  • Marine duty weatherproof filler/breather unit.
  • Oil level gauge with integral temperature indication.
  • Return line filter unit including 3 spare elements.
  • Hydraulic control valve for manual hand operation.
  • Hydraulic oil cooler.
  • Instruction manual.

Please note that the power unit does not include the following:

  • Hydraulic oil.
  • Installation labour or materials for the hydraulic or electrical installation.

The control valve included with the above unit is fitted with a lever for direct hand operation. This requires the control valve to be mounted where the line is brought onboard, normally forward on the starboard quarter. It also requires that the hydraulic hoses/pipe work must be run from the power unit to where the valve is located. We offer this setup as in our experience, the very high frequency of use makes this directly operated setup the most trouble-free. We can offer remote electrical control for those vessels where the only location for the power unit makes such direct control impractical. Our modular 24V marine duty electrical remote control systems are extremely reliable and offer exceptional control response. They feature an IP67 rated remote control station together with modular “plug in” components that facilitate easy service by the end user.

Please always feel free to contact us if you require advice or if you have specific requirements.



Installed Power: 15kW (20 HP)


Supply Voltage: – please specify your requirements e.g. 380V 50Hz


Overall Length – 700 mm (28in)

Overall Width – 600 mm (24in)

Overall Height – 1112 mm (44in)

Shiping Weight – 220 kg (485lb)

Optional Equipment

Electrical Remote Control

Order Code – SLL Electrical Control HPU15/55 (HPU7.5/40) please specify 12 or 24V.

Comprising:- Control valve that facilitates remote electrical operation. Supplied complete with the remote control in stainless steel panel. Remote control is a full marine duty IP67 rated component.

Alternative Drive Options

Many vessel owners ask if their existing hydraulic system can be used to power the reel. The answer is generally yes, changes can be made, however, the cost of making these changes often exceeds that of using the basic hydraulic package. One must understand that although for example, a vessel with a hydraulic system for trawl or purse seine operations may well have a large hydraulic capacity, it does not in anyway match the requirements of a surface long line reel system. For a trawl or pelagic operation, the use of the hydraulic system is often limited to only one hour or so of operation. In a surface long line operation, the system has to operate all day long while the gear is being recovered. This can lead to excessively high oil temperatures and a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on all systems. Another factor is the relatively small oil flow rate that is required for the reel. A trawl or pelagic hydraulic system will often have many times the oil flow that is required by the reel. To use only a small percentage of the available oil flow and to dump the remainder back to the reservoir is wasteful of fuel and will also generate large amounts of heat that will in turn require a large oil cooler. A dedicated system for the reel with a proper matched proportional type control is almost always the best route.

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